Building Custom

Building a custom home can be daunting and stressful, but building a custom home with The Jacobs Companies is a simple matter, because the Jacobs team of professionals is on hand to help every step of the way. Sometimes it’s deciding between terrazzo or marble, but sometimes it’s more complex. Which is why TJC gets to know its clients as more than a name; they’re family. It comes down to getting to know the homebuyer and then finding the best solution together. “It’s counseling them through and making them feel secure in their decision,” Vice President Candice Hartwig explains. “We want our buyers to enjoy the experience.”

Of all the homes TJC has built throughout its 80 years, every one is just a little different, customized by each homeowner. You have questions, and The Jacobs Companies has solutions. Can’t find property to build? TJC can help. Need to tear down an existing home? They’ll work with you on that too. Already have property and just looking to build? That’s great. Take a look at the portfolio of custom home designs, or meet with Jacobs’ on-staff architects and design your home from the ground up. It’s your home, it’s your choice, and the possibilities are endless. The Jacobs Companies is used to working with big dreams and budgets of all sizes. Custom homes start at just $849,900. Ask about the new partnership program too.

A home is where families gather and friendships grow, and The Jacobs Companies wants to help you create yours.